Cheap Screen Printing vs Cheap Direct to Garment Printing

Screen Printing vs Direct-to-Garment Printing

Choose the technic that is perfect for your project!

Here, at Prace4Print we are ready to accommodate most difficult orders and we use multiple technics in our ‘state-of-the-art’ production complexes in North Lauderdale, FL and Washington, DC. And we are always ready to help with advice and our expertise. That’s why we created this quick and easy-to-understand guide about two most common methods for printing on garment: Screen Printing and Direct-to-garment printing. We hope this info will help you to find technic that works best for your project.


  1. Screen Printing


 Screen Printing is cost effective for bulk orders;

– Graphic/image/logo or test can be placed basically on any part of garment;

– “Volume discount” – the more items you order, the less cost-per-item and final cost of your project;

– Basically any type of fabrics can be used

– fast production


– This method is for bulk orders only

– limited complexity of graphic

– Basically, no way for quick amends to the design


  1. Direct-to-garment printing


– highly detailed and colorful designs can be printed

– perfect for small orders

– easy update or customization for graphic design



– is not cost effective for bulk orders

– very limited design placement options

– time consuming method


Some technical facts about Screen printing

Screen printing involves using specially created one or several ‘screens’ (stencils). Screen printing is a literally handmade job: the ink is pulled by applying special blade layer by layer to the garment.


– One color = one screen

– more colors = more time for printing and ink drying

– the simpler design the less production time and cost

You can order custom t-shirts/custom hoodies/any others garments with screen printed graphic at Place4Print (check out website for latest promotions and rates).

Some technical facts about Direct-to-garment printing

As we described DTG technic earlier, this method is likely most common and popular way to print t-shirts with custom design. Basically, it is the same technic as ink printing on the paper. For DTG we used the special color inks produced for fast absorption by fabric and long-lasting usage.


– DTG allows to print using multiple colors with high precision, which means more detailed graphic (including photos)

– easy customization

– perfect solution for small projects

We provide DTG printing service at Place4Print in either North Lauderdale, FL and Washington, DC offices. You can order custom t-shirts/custom hoodies/any others garments online (check here for latest promotions and rates) on visiting our offices.

What is Place4Print?

Place4Print is your #1 destination for the best custom t shirt printing. We use most cost-and-time efficient technologies and methods – Direct to Garment Printing and Screen printing and most advanced equipment from leading vendors.